Choosing Patterns For Doll Clothes

Thursday, April 21, 2016
As it comes to patterns for doll clothing, you have numerous choices. The first choice is to buy a ready-made pattern made to fit the doll's height. For example, you will find several options for 18 inch dolls. American Girls, Gotz Precious Day Collection and Madame Alexander dolls are all approximately 18 inches tall. When you have a pattern that is about the height as your dolls, you will need to do a little measuring. Of the 18 inch dolls referred to previously, each has various bust, neck, shoulder, waist and hip sizes. Some have shorter legs, while others have shorter torsos. You may need to make several changes to the pattern you buy in order to get exactly the best fit. Other sizes that are accessilbe include 11.5 inch designs for Barbie. If you bought a pattern for Barbie, but wanted to use it to create clothes for Skipper, you could make the adjustments. Skipper is petite, has a smaller bustline and a thicker waist. It would just be easier to purchase a Skipper-sized pattern to begin with.

Doll Clothes

The second option is to print out patterns for doll clothes using a home printer. Some designs are obtainable for free. You simply download them from the net and then print them off at home. To get some patterns, you will need to pay for the download, that way you won't have to wait for the pattern to ship. The only drawback to printing your own pattern is the paper. Many seamstresses are used to working with the thinner paper normally used in pattern-making. It is harder to pin the fabric to the heavier patterns. Then you could always buy tissue paper made for pattern-making and use the printed pieces only as guides. One detriment to printing out patterns for doll clothing is that they won't be as accurate. The preciseness will also differ depending on the quality of your printer.

The last choice is to design your own pattern. To do that take all of the doll's measurements and using her body as a type of dress dummy. Regardless of the option you choose when selecting patterns for doll clothing, it is always wise to check the size on the individual dolls before proceding to the final stitches. Working with dolls is easier in that aspect. You have no difficulty getting them to stand still.