Decluttering Your Playroom - Ideas For Playroom Storage

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
There are a lot of creative ideas for functional and versatile playroom storage. Many playroom storage ideas are also creative decorating ideas! A simple section of garden trellis can be refinished in any color or design. Add wooden pegs or drawer pulls before hanging it on the wall. This is a perfect storage area for dress up clothes, especially purses and hats. A few simple hanging coat racks can serve the same purpose.

Decluttering Your Playroom
Cluttering Your Playroom

The right playroom storage for small toys is usually a very difficult decision. A simple divided bookshelf is perfect for storing much more than books! Separate the shelves into a variety of different sizes and use colorful and unique containers to store small toys, like doll accessories, toy cars, or blocks. Remember to label toy containers with pictures and words to make it easier for your child to clean up.

Hanging shoe holders make great playroom storage tools! These versatile holders can hang over the door and work well on the outside of closet doors, or may hang on a nail anywhere on the wall, depending on the selected style. Shoe holders can be used to store small doll accessories, collections of race cars or small stuffed toys, or even arts and crafts supplies.

You can create a special area just for arts and crafts and use the table as storage for the supplies. Hang fabric that matches your playroom around the edges of the table, reaching to the floor. Keep your supplies in plastic containers and stash them under the table for a simple and attractive playroom storage option.

Try storing bigger toys in homemade playroom storage boxes. Let your child decorate sturdy, oversized cardboard boxes with paints, markers, wrapping paper scraps, stencils, etc. When the boxes are finished, use them in the playroom as toy boxes for dolls, stuffed animals, or big cars and trucks.

Stuffed animal collections often grow quickly and are usually rarely played with, yet it is hard to give away cherished teddy bears from the infant years. There are several playroom storage ideas to keep stuffed animals out of the way. Mesh laundry baskets can hold several stuffed toys and can be hung from a peg on the wall to keep them out of the way. Toy hammocks that attach to the corner of the wall are also a cute way to store stuffed toys. Outgrown cribs, toddler beds, or playpens can become home to all these beloved friends as well.