Sakazuki Art Museum Ichinokura

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Sakazuki Art Museum in Ichinokura just south of the ceramics center of Tajimi in Gifu Prefecture introduces the ceramics of local potters and an historic collection of sake cups (sakazuki).

Sakazuki Art Museum Ichinokura, Gifu, Japan

The kilns of Ichinokura in its heyday were the largest producers of sake cups in Japan producing around 40% of the nation's total output.

The museum's huge collection of sake cups includes works from the Meiji, Taisho and Showa eras.

Sake cups at Sakazuki Art Museum Ichinokura

There are buses from Tajimi Station to the museum (about 15 minutes) or take a JR train to Kokokei Station and walk up the river valley past the historic kilns and ceramics galleries and shops of the linear village. By car, the museum is 20 minutes from Tajimi IC on the Chuo Expressway.

The Sakazuki Art Museum has an attached shop selling ceramics, sake and other goods as well as an Italian-style restaurant, Moon. The spacious car park also attracts vendors selling pottery and fruit and vegetables and has the atmosphere of a local craft market.

Sakazuki Art Museum (website in Japanese)
6-30-1 Ichinokura
Gifu Prefecture
Tel: 0572 24 5911
Hours: 10am-5pm; closed Tuesday
Admission: 400 yen

Sakazuki Art Museum Ichinokura


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