Minshuku Sato Kitsuki

Wednesday, March 13, 2013
Minshuku Sato is located south of the river across from Kitsuki Castle.

Minshuku Sato Kitsuki Oita

I booked for 3,200yen sudomari (only stay; no food) but asked for some food and got a big bowl of champon with rice and a beer for 800 yen. The ground floor is a shokudo or canteen.

There is a convenience store across the street with a supermarket 20 min walk away. One onsen is 5 minutes walk, another 20 minutes walk.

No English is spoken. They say they will pick up from station which is 5k from the town. 10 tatami size rooms. TV. Kettle. Ac/heater operates on coins.

Tel: 0978 62 6051

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