Nihonbashi Tokyo Fire Brigade boats

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fire brigades in Japan are responsible for a lot, including even ambulance services. The Nihonbashi Fire Brigade also has boats for patrolling the local rivers.

These two fire service vessels belonging to the Nihonbashi Fire Bridade were spotted on Tokyo's Sumida River.

The Sumida River has a lot of traffic, most of it commercial in the form of tour boats and barges carrying oil, sand, cement, gravel, steel, etc., but private pleasure boats also ply it. These boats are no doubt ready for the rescue should any such boats find themselves in trouble, if there is a person overboard. They could well be even equipped with hoses for fighting fires in buildings lining the river.

The blue bridge visible in the background is Kiyosu Bridge, one of the many that span the Sumida River. On the far side of the river is Tokyo's Koto ward. Just a little beyond the buildings in the photo is one of Tokyo's most charming gardens, Kiyosumi Teien.


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