Newly renovated Tokyo Station

Monday, February 4, 2013

Tokyo Station is located in Tokyo's most prestigious business district of Marunouchi ("mah-roo-no-OO-chee"). Over 3,000 trains go through Tokyo Station - the most of any station in Japan - and it has the most platforms of any railway station in Japan.

The newly renovated Tokyo Station, January 2013.

Tokyo Station has ten ground-level platforms serving twenty tracks, several underground platforms, and nine shinkansen bullet train platforms linking Tokyo to the north, east and west.

Tokyo Station has a long history going back over 120 years. Tokyo Station was first established in 1889. The current majestic three-storey brick building dates back to 1908, designed by the architect Tatsuno Kingo, whose mentor at the Imperial College of Engineering in Tokyo was the architectural adviser to the government of the time, the Briton, Josiah Conder, known as the father of Japanese modern architecture.

The main entrance (historically) of Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Station was the scene of political drama in the Taisho period of Japanese history between the wars when Takashi Hara, famous as Japan's first "commoner prime minister" and an advocate of promotion by talent instead of favor, was stabbed to death at Tokyo Station's south gate by a right-wing railway worker.

Looking at newly renovated Tokyo Station from its central entrance.

Tokyo Station has recently received a new lease on life, with the near completion of a renovation project that restores it to its pre-World War Two look - its domes having been destroyed by Allied bombing in 1945 and replaced with angular roofs. The domes are now proudly back in place.

Tokyo Station against the Tokyo cityscape.

Tokyo Station is flanked by the twin highrise Gran Tokyo towers, adding a smart modern backdrop to the station's new-found old glory. 


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