Taita Line

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Taita Line is a small railway line linking Tajimi Station with Mino-Ota via Koizumi, Nemoto, Hime, Shimogiri, Kani (intersect with Meitetsu Line) and Mino Kawai.

Taita Line Tajimi

At Mino-Ota Station passengers can intersect with the JR Takayama Main Line and the Nagaragawa Railway Etsumi-Nan Line. Some Taita Line trains also run through to Gifu and one train on weekday and Saturday mornings goes to Nagoya Station.

Taita Line

The Taita Line is operated by JR and the line is about 18km long. Trains run at approximately 30 minute intervals.

JR Taita Line

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