Inside Track: Japan - a JapanVisitor Blog best-of

Sunday, January 13, 2013
The JapanVisitor Blog has been providing English-language description, commentary and explanation of Japan every day without fail since 2005. Of those thousands of posts, a few attract a lot more attention than the others, garnering an inordinate number of hits. It's always interesting to us, the blog producers, as to which kinds of entries turn out to be favorites - even if it doesn't really enhance our power to predict which subjects will be popular.

Inside Track Japan on Kindle

At the end of last year, JapanVisitor Blog collaborated with the Sakkam Press in Tokyo to publish a best-of of the JapanVisitor Blog, selecting only those blog entries that had gotten thousands of hits. The result is Inside Track: Japan, an e-book available via Amazon.

The fully illustrated Inside Track: Japan lets you see for yourself what the world most appreciates about the JapanVisitor Blog, through 75 or so best-of posts. There are no surprises with the large number of geographic-related posts, featuring places of beauty and significance, urban and rural, to visit throughout Japan.

Read about everything in Japan from sand museums, to feather museums, to robot museums, to noh theaters, to flea markets, to historical cemeteries, to scenic falls and more. Read about traditional Japanese festivals, fascinating Japanese trains, mobile libraries, nightlife areas, the Japanese police, religious institutions both Buddhist and Shinto, and traditions such as origami cranes and naked festivals.

For about the price of a cup of tea or coffee, Inside Track: Japan will keep you awake and stimulated for much longer than that cuppa. More importantly, it will give you valuable insights into a Japan that only those who live there get to see and experience. Best of all, it will set you on the right track to getting the most out of Japan when you visit here.

Inside Track: Japan is perfect for, say, the plane ride over to Japan, or a quick spot of bedtime reading before or during a journey to Japan. Refreshing in its variety of information and of perspectives, Inside Track: Japan will be one e-book that you’ll want to read right through - before recommending it to anyone else who’d appreciate an inside look at this fascinating country, its people and culture. Buy Inside Track: Japan using the following link.

Inside Track Japan For Kindle