American Girl Things Came in the Mail Today!

Monday, January 7, 2013
Hello dollies and their mommies!

Sorry, my mom had to take a break from all 'screens' for a week so I couldn't post.

Anyway, my mom ordered some American Girl things with her Christmas money!

Please watch the video below that my mommy made!

We made a much longer video of Mommy actually opening her AG stuff, but it was too long to send. Grr. ;) But hey, what's better than videos? PICTURES! We didn't think about taking pictures of her opening her AG stuff, by Cece and Josie just HAD to model!

 Cecile: Hello Miss person staring at the screen. I am curtseying which is the polite thing to do when you meet someone.

 Cecile: My Summer Dress has these three items. My Beautiful yellow dress, with a blue bow and blue ruffles. A pretty sun-bonnet with designs on the inside, and white shoes with black buttons! All framed for the time of 1853. :)

 Josefina: Hola, me amiga, Hello my friend. My School Outfit contains three pieces: A white, traditional blouse, or camisa, and long, blue-and-white striped skirt, and a red sash. No under-garments, they come as part of the Josefina doll and book.

Oh, Lo siento! I'm sorry! I almost forgot my curtsey. :)

Well, that's it, girls! I'll be posting more this week!


Olly Molly