Noichi Zoo Kochi Prefecture

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Noichi Zoo in Kochi Prefecture is a picturesque and interesting place to spend a few hours wandering among the resident animals.

Noichi Zoo Kochi Prefecture, Shikoku

A smaller zoo has many charms. During our visit my daughter and I were able to see everything this lovely zoo has to offer. In California we have the San Diego Zoo, which is indeed a fine institution, but it is enormous, busy, expensive, and exhausting. For us, the Noichi Zoo was close to perfect.

Noichi Zoo Kochi Prefecture

We noticed how the habitats were clean and well tended and provided visitors with an optimal view of the birds and animals. We were intrigued to see animals common to North America as part of the zoo's collection. I have never set my eyes upon a prairie dog or a beaver in my life, but here in Japan there they were.

We encountered a few school children who greeted us with giggles and a chorus of hellos. We passed a group of senior citizens accompanied by their caregivers. The day was peaceful and idyllic.

Noichi Zoo Kochi Prefecture

After we had ice cream in the zoo restaurant we stopped in the gift shop. Of course I purchased a Noichi Zoo hand towel for myself. I also noticed there were affordable items that children could buy for but a few hundred yen.

Noichi Zoological Park of Kochi Prefecture
738 Otani
Kochi 781-5233
Tel: 0887 56 3500

Noichi Zoo Kochi Prefecture


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