My Christmas Present to Josefina........

Sunday, December 9, 2012
Hi Dollies and their Mommies! ;)

OK, we might have Josefina come and stay with us for Christmas or not, but I'm making my Christmas present for her anyway! :)

It's a handkerchief! I'm sewing it myself!

I will embroider her initials, J.M., in it, too!

 I don't need a pattern, so why make one? I'll just cut a simple little square....

Gosh! This is a great idea for a Christmas present! I wonder why my mom hasn't thought of this already! (Madison: Actually you stole my idea Molly.....)

 Threading the needle.............

 OUCH! I pricked myself! HELP HELP HELP! CALL 911!!!!

 Nothing serious.....Oh well. It was my chance to go to the hospital but I missed it! Oh here is the first part of my embroidery! Josefina's first initial, J.

And now her M........

Hmmm, it looks a little plain now doesn't it?

Let's just go on ahead and add some Christmas-y ribbon! In fact, why not sequin-y ribbon?

Doesn't it look SO much more better? It's great! I love it! I wish I had one! LOL!

Are you looking forward to the Holidays?