Kawabata Entertainment Area Akita

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Kawabata entertainment and red light district on the Asahi River in Akita is the town's major play area and attracts visitors from all over the mainly rural prefecture. The Kawabata area is jam packed with restaurants, izakaya, cafes and bars alongside numerous pink salons, like the one pictured below.

AKB23, Kawabata Entertainment Area Akita

Akita's women are considered beauties in Japan and have earned themselves the sobriquet "Akita Bijin" shown on the pink sign board of this salon named after the presently popular all-girl song and dance act, AKB48.

Foreigners will not be allowed entrance please note.

The Kawabata entertainment district is close to the Akarenga Red Brick Folk Museum and is a 20 minute walk from Akita Station.

The Hotel Pearl City is a good hotel in this area.

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