Japanese Nabe

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On cold winter evenings nothing beats a warming nabe to fight off the cold of the season, whether you enjoy this dish at a Japanese restaurant or at home on a portable stove.

Japanese Nabemono

Nabe is Japanese hot pot and is cooked and served at the table. The stock is usually a mix of dashi, miso paste, Japanese sake and soy sauce.

Just about anything can be added to the hot pot but some common ingredients are Chinese cabbage, meatballs, chicken, spring onions, leeks, fish such as salmon, enoki mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, gyoza dumplings, kamaboko, beef sukiyaki, tofu, spinach, daikon radish, crab and the list goes on. Often soba or udon noodles are added to the broth to cook at the end and complete the meal.

Nabe Japanese style

The cooked ingredients are ladled into small bowls and eaten with chopsticks.

Chankonabe is a special type of nabemono favored by sumo wrestlers and there are lots of regional varieties of nabe such as kiritanpo nabe in Aomori.

Japanese Nabe Hotpot

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