Buses in Akita

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Akita city can easily be navigated on foot or rental cycle though there is also a comprehensive system of local buses radiating out of both exits (East & West) of Akita Station.

Local Buses in Akita city

Akita buses are green and white with local bus services to North Asia University, Akita Airport, Nibetsu Resort Park, Ushijima, Tsuchizaki, Izumi and Yanagihara.

There are highway bus services to both Sendai (3 hours, 40 minutes; 10 services daily) and Tokyo (8 hours, 20 minutes, 1 daily service) as well as long distance buses to Yuzawa, Yokote and Noshiro run by Ugo Kotsu.

The buses from downtown Akita city to Akita Airport run from outside the Town Hall via Akita Station and take 35 minutes from Akita Station. The first bus from Akita Station is at 6.30am with the last bus at 6.40pm.

Buses at Akita Station East Exit

Akita Tourist Information Center has information on all local buses in Akita city and prefecture. Hotels close to Akita Station and the bus stations include the ALS Hotel Metropolitan Akita and the Toyoko Inn.

Akita Chuo Kotsu Tel: 018 823 4411
Ugo Kotsu Tel: 0182 32 2265

Buses on the streets of Akita city

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