Tenryukyo Station

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tenryukyo Station, on the JR Iida Line from Toyohashi to Iida in Nagano Prefecture, is the main point of access for public transport to the picturesque Tenryukyo Gorge on the Tenryu River.

Tenryukyo Gorge

Visitors can enjoy hiking along a path on both banks of the Tenryu River or sail downstream on a traditional boat and be serenaded by an enchanting boat woman along the way. (Follow the link below to hear her song).

Tenryukyo Nagano

Hirugami Onsen is also close to Tenryukyo and has a number of affordable onsen resorts.



Tenryukyo is a 30-minute drive from the historic castle town of Iida on Routes 153 and 151 or exit the highway at Tenryukyo IC.

Listen to the sound of the boatwoman's song

The other noise in the background is the sound of the wooden oar