Study Painting & Sketching in Nagoya

Friday, November 9, 2012
水彩/パステル画家 ティモシー・ジェイ・バーンズ

American artist Tim Barnes offers fun classes in watercolors, pastels and sketching at various venues in the Nagoya area.

Study Painting & Sketching in Nagoya, Japan

For those interested in improving their skills with brush, pencil or pastel, Tim hosts classes for small groups at Meito-ku Itaka Community Center (052 776 6604), Tenpaku Shogai Gakushu Center (052 802 1161) and the Angelo Ichinomiya (0586 23 7477).

Tim teaches in Japanese but foreigners are welcome to his classes and he will offer instruction to you in English if that is your language of choice.

Classes in watercolors, pastels and sketching, Nagoya

Tim, who has a background in graphic design after studying at EIU in Illinois, also leads regular sketching trips to various places in the Chubu area as well as an annual painting excursion to the USA.

Tim's buzz phrases are "Look at what you are painting" and "See what you Paint. Paint what you see!" and he will improve your ways of seeing objects, landscapes and people and transferring that to your sketchbook or canvas.

For more information check out Tim's homepage on Geocities.

Tim Barnes, US artist in Nagoya


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