Nagoya City Science Museum Gets A Facelift

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
The Nagoya City Science Museum in Shirakawa Park in Fushimi has had a substantial renovation.

The Nagoya City Science Museum now has the world's biggest planetarium with a diameter of 35 meters encased by two eco-friendly "green walls" as shown in the image below. Other green features include the harnessing of rain water to flush the toilets in the museum.

Nagoya City Science Museum, Aichi

In front of the museum is now a complete Hayabusa H-IIB rocket which was developed and built by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in Tsukuba, Japan as a test rocket for the successful launch of the 2003 Hayabusa ("Peregrine Falcon") mission to the 25143 Itokawa asteroid.

Nagoya City Science Museum, Fushimi, Nagoya

Nagoya City Science Museum
2-17-1 Sakae
Tel: 052 201 4486
Hours: 9.30am-5pm; closed Mondays
Admission: Museum & Planetarium adults 800 yen; junior high school children and younger free; Museum only adults 400 yen

Nagoya City Science Museum, Aichi Prefecture


Nagoya City Science Museum is adjacent to the Nagoya City Art Museum in Shirakawa Park and a stroll from the Electricity Museum.
The museum is a short walk from Fushimi Station (Exit 5) on the Higashiyama and Tsurumai subway lines or Osu Kannon on the Tsurumai Line (Exit 1).