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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Japan News.Japan PM Yoshihiko Noda set for general election


Lifelong Scholar of the Japanese Becomes One of Them

New York Times


Our Planet

Fukushima's food champion fends off taint of nuclear disaster


North Korea agrees to continue talks on abductees

Japan Times

日本拟明年从印度购买稀土 年进口量约4100吨 


What is Required for a New Society and Politics: The Potential of Japanese Civil Society

Japan Focus

Last Week's Japan News


Top 10 countries and territories in terms of sending students to US colleges and universities:

1. China (194,029)
2. India (100,270)
3. South Korea (72,295)
4. Saudi Arabia (34,139)
5. Canada (26,821)
6. Taiwan (23,250)
7. Japan (19,966)
8. Vietnam (15,572)
9. Mexico (13,893)
10. Turkey (11,973)

In 1997, Japan was the number one exporter of students with 47,000.

Source: Yomiuri Shinbun

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