Akita Station

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Akita Station won't win any awards for architectural excellence but it's extremely functional with a good range of shops, convenience stores, cafes, restaurants and the Topico department store - a good place to pick up souvenirs of Akita Prefecture.

Akita Station, Akita

Akita Station has trains on the following lines: the Akita Shinkansen to Tokyo, the Ou Main Line to Fukushima and Aomori Station via Omagari Station (change here for local trains to Kakunodate), the Uetsu Main Line to Niitsu Station in Niigata and the Oga Line to Oga in Akita.

Both exits of Akita Stations have bus stations. There are highway bus services to both Sendai (3 hours, 40 minutes; 10 services daily) and Tokyo (8 hours, 20 minutes, 1 daily service). There are local buses to North Asia University and Akita Airport.

Akita Station platform entrance

Akita Tourist Information Center is directly opposite the entrance to the platforms. Nearby hotels to Akita Station include the ALS Hotel Metropolitan Akita and the Toyoko Inn.

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