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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Japan News.Eric Lomax, River Kwai Prisoner Who Forgave, Dies at 93

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Is Japan Turning to the Right?

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Japan's high-spending legacy



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Nobel winner Yamanaka's priority goal: 'iPS Stock'

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日本试探调整钓鱼岛立场 考虑“妥协”方案


The "Bright Future" of Japan's Nuclear Industry

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Last Week's Japan News


Comparing the decline of Japan and rise of China:

Foreign media outlets: In 1989, there were 345 in Tokyo; by 2012 this had dropped to 189. In 2004 Beijing was host to 210; by 2011 that had increased to 356.

Students studying in the USA In 1999 China became the number one source of foreign students in the USA with 54,466 students versus 48,872 Japanese, who were at the time the second largest group. By 2010, the total number of Chinese studying in America reached 157,558 while Japan slumped to just 21,290 (7th place).

Students from the USA In 2009, 13,910 Americans studied in China. In the same year, 6,166 Americans studied in Japan.

Source: Yomiuri Shinbun

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