Passing the Japanese Drivers Test

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Earlier we laid out the steps necessary for those hoping to convert their foreign driver's license to a Japanese domestic license.

Toyota Prius

Having taken the test, the examiner will tell you immediately if you have passed or not. If you failed,  the policeman will explain in detail where you came up short.

If/when you pass, you will need another couple of hours before being issued the license.

With forms in hand - stamped "Passed" - you need to line up at window 2 (in Kyoto) to get more forms. Many people will be lined up there, and it happened in our case from 11:30 am.

Your name will be called out, and foreigners are called first. You take the form to another window and pay the license issuing fee (and another 1,000 yen donation, if you want, for safety campaigns). Then you go and take an eye test - both simple standard Japanese eye test and color recognition test. The last step before the lunch break is have your photo taken.

Now the wait begins. The licenses are issued from 1:50 pm in Kyoto. Everyone piles into a large room, sits down. A policeman explains the procedure, which involves one last simple form.

Then at along last, you are called forward to pick up your license.


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