Odaka Ryokuchi Koen

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Odaka Ryokuchi Koen in Midori-ku in southern Nagoya was certainly built in the period of Post War high economic growth in the 1960s and 1970s and doesn't seem to have changed much since. Think rusty chairs, Asahi Dry and soggy French fries coupled with middle-aged ladies, serving the latter two, still decked out in their 1970s' finery.

Odaka Ryokuchi Koen, Nagoya

This drive-through park offers a number of fun, family entertainments though and is definitely worth a visit if you have wheels: baby golf aka crazy golf, go karts, pedal and row boats on the lake, tennis courts as well as soccer pitches, a driving range, long kiddies' slide and baseball diamonds.

Odaka Ryokuchi Koen golf

For the boats on the lake choose from the koala or swan head monstrosities and be prepared to shell out 1,000 yen for 30 minutes - it was great though to cool down on yet another globally-warmed Nagoya day, well above 30 degrees Centigrade and very, very humid.

Odaka Ryokuchi Koen boats

To get here the nearest station is Sakyoyama on the Meitetsu Line one stop before Arimatsu, though the best way to come is by car (parking is free) on Route 1, the old Tokaido Highway.

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