Meijo University

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Meijo University is the largest university in Nagoya and indeed the Chubu region of central Japan with over 15,000 students spread out over three campuses in Shiogamaguchi, Yagoto both in Tenpaku-ku and the town of Kani in Gifu Prefecture.

Meijo University Tower 75

Meijo University was founded in 1926 and has a good reputation for its faculties of Science & Technology and Pharmacy. There are also departments of Law, Economics, Human Studies, Agriculture, Urban Science and Business Management.

The main Shiogamaguchi campus has been modernized over the last decade with the building of the 15-story Tower 75 and two new buildings housing multiple lecture halls.

Meijo University signs

Meijo's continuing popularity with Chubu students is due to its location near a subway station: Shiogamaguchi on the Tsurumai Line, the modern buildings and a number of popular eateries on campus such as Subway and MacDonald's.

Meijo also has an affiliated high school located out in Higashibiwajima not far from Nagoya Station.

Meijo's annual Open Day will be held this Sunday with the university festival taking place in the first week of November.

Meijo University main entrance

Meijo University
Shiogamaguchi 1-501
Tel: 052-832-1151

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