Japan News This Week 16 September 2012

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Japan News.China Accuses Japan of Stealing After Purchase of Group of Disputed Islands

New York Times

Japan unveils plan to phase out nuclear power



Our Planet

Six Chinese ships crowd Senkakus

Japan Times



Sex and Censorship During the Occupation of Japan

Japan Focus

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A German foundation, Bertelsmann Stitfung, has released a report comparing social justice indicators in the year 2011 in the OECD. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development membership is made up of the worlds' major democracies with strong market economies.

Six factors were included in the scoring: poverty prevention, access to education, labor market inclusion, social cohesion and non-discrimination, health, and intergenerational justice

1. Iceland 2. Norway 3. Denmark 4. Sweden 5. Finland 6. Netherlands 7. Switzerland 8. Luxembourg 9. Canada 10. France 11. Czech Republic 12. New Zealand 13. Austria 14. Germany 15. United Kingdom 16. Belgium 17. Hungary 18. Ireland 19. Italy 20. Poland 21. Australia 22. Japan23. Portugal 24. Slovakia 25. South Korea 26. Spain 27. United States28. Greece 29. Chile 30. Mexico 31. Turkey

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