Halloween in Japan

Thursday, September 20, 2012
Halloween In Japan seems to be celebrated with more and more enthusiasm each year.

Halloween lanterns in Japan

There are fancy dress Halloween parties in schools, bars and restaurants, Halloween pumpkins can be seen in many shops and people even hang Halloween decorations on their doors.

The Kawasaki Halloween Parade is now in its 16th year and will take place in Kawasaki at La Cittadella on Sunday 28th October this year. There are also halloween parades at Canal City in Fukuoka, Rokko Island in Kobe and Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.

Halloween in Tokyo, Japan

Kyoto hosts the Kitayama Halloween Festival with a costume parade, pumpkin carving and a food village.

All these areas are major retail districts and the Halloween festivals are a good ploy to drum up new business.

Like Valentine's Day, Halloween is more of a decorative celebration in Japan with shop fronts and department stores using the orange and black colors to entice people in.

Halloween in Japan

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