Communications Museum

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Communications Museum (Tei Park) near Tokyo Station dates from 1964 in its present location. The Communications Museum is dedicated to information and telecommunications and has interesting exhibitions on Japan's postal and telephone utilities.

Communications Museum (Tei Park)

This eclectic museum has a number of highlights including wood-block prints by such artists as Hiroshige, the first postage stamp vending machine produced in Japan in 1904, paintings related to telephones and communications and the original Morse telegraph presented by Commodore Perry to the Tokugawa shogunate in 1854.

The postal part of the museum on the first floor has a number of Japan's distinctive of red, round mailboxes, over 300,000 stamps and a look at how mail is delivered in Japan. There is also information on Maejima Hisoka (1835-1919), the founder of the Japanese post office, who in 1870 was sent to Britain to study the post office in that country in order to set up something similar in Japan on his return.

Communications Museum (Tei Park) near Tokyo Station

The second floor houses the telecommunications section of the museum and displays a collection of telephones as well as a manual switchboard. The museum also looks ahead to the future of telecommunications.

Communications Museum
Hours: 9am-4.30pm (No entry after 4.00pm.)
Closed Monday
Admission 110 yen
The nearest station to Tei Park is Otemachi just a 1 minute walk from Exit A4 or A5 or a 1 minute walk from the the Marunouchi North Exit. Tei Park is close to the Oazo Building.


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