One Night in Shibuya

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shibuya is one of Tokyo's youth quarters, bigger, and generally more streetwise and hip, than the other really famous Tokyo youth area, Harajuku.

Shibuya is a shopping and dining paradise by daytime, and a nightlife and dining paradise by night. Shibuya's thousands of fashion stores, bars and Shibuya's numerous clubs mean the streets are packed with young things on the cutting edge of Tokyo chic every day and night of the week, but especially weekends.

The YouTube video of one of better examples of the numerous street performers you will find on the streets of Tokyo, and the shots of Friday night in Shibuya below, should give you something of a taste of the streets of Shibuya on a Friday night.
Shibuya Crossing, from the Hachiko Exit of Shibuya Station

Looking towards Shibuya 109 ("toh-queue")

Shibuya Tokyu Station

The Q-Front building in front of Shibuya Station

"Delusional Dubplate" graffiti on footbridge near Shibuya Station

Forever 21 (with some bits missing!)

Marui City, Shibuya

Shibuya Pavilion

Stairs inside a Shibuya KFC

Street view from the second floor of the same KFC

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