Tokyo Urban Sculpture: Owl Family

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Aozora Bank (literally the "Blue Sky Bank") has its headquarters in Tokyo's Minami Kudan district, not far from the Nippon Budokan. 

"Owl Family" by Ryoichi Odutsumi.
The Aozora Bank is the 1998 reincarnation of the Nippon Credit Bank which became unfeasibly in debt due to the bursting of the Japanese asset bubble in the early 1990s.

"Owl Family", Ryoichi Odutsumi, Aozora Bank, Tokyo. The Aozara Bank's headquarters are white, refreshing-looking, and not badly designed, but the most eye-catching thing - once your eyes have actually caught it - is the lifesize bronze sculpture of a tree, complete with a family of owls living in it, by the Japanese sculptor Ryoichi Odutsumi.

Detail of "Owl Family", Ryoichi Odutsumi, Aozora Bank, Tokyo.
Ryoichi Odutsumi was born in Tokyo in 1953, making him now 59 years old, and graduated in sculpture from the Tokyo University of the Arts in 1978. Odutsumi's works are known for their whimsy, which is certainly apparent in this charming work, "Owl Family." created in 2002.


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