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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What should a tourist visit in Matsumoto? Without hesitation, I recommend the magnificent Matsumoto Castle. But after that, should you stop at Italian Tomato for a bite to eat? (It's good.) Maybe you'd like Mr. Donut? (Mmmm! We did.) Or maybe you'd like to leisurely browse through the local Animate shop? (Did that one, too.)

How about going to Matsumoto's Japan Ukiyo-e Museum? It houses the largest private collection of woodblock prints in the world. The Sakai family has amassed over 100,000 pieces of this beautiful art. How about it? Sound good? Let's go!

Japan Ukiyoe Museum

I think you will need some assistance to find the museum. We were told it is a 15 or 20-minute walk from the castle grounds. That isn't too far.

We've been walking now for about 15 minutes... should be getting close. Is that a street or a neighborhood pathway? Do you see any signs? What does the map say?

I am getting kind of tired. We've been walking for 30 minutes now. Should we keep going? What's that building over there? A school? Oh.

Where are we? I see a bus stop. There's a man in that little office over there. I think he's selling all those old appliances lying in the gravel lot. Ask him if he can call us a taxi. The man called his friend, but the friend wasn't home. Where is this museum? Wouldn't you think a museum with such a big collection would want people to come and see it? What is the man doing now? He's trying to wave down a bike rider... no, a lady driving a van!

The lady stopped. I can't believe it. If someone did that in America you would be too scared to stop. She's looking at the map carefully and speaking to Amanda in Japanese. She's going to give us a ride to the museum! The people in Japan are so nice!

Look, we're at the museum! We made it. I want to buy a print to take home. Aren't you glad you came with us? Remember the next time you walk here you should turn right at the old farm stand. Pass it on.

The Japan Ukiyo-e Museum (JUM)
2206-1 Shimadachi
Hours: 10am-5pm; closed Monday

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