Japan News This Week 29 July 2012

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Japan News.Sea Shepherd leader pursued by Japan, skips bail in Germany

Christian Science Monitor

Japan Gone Grey


Chief executive of Japanese investment bank Nomura quits



Our Planet

Ad in Wall Street Journal seeks U.S. support for Senkaku purchase plan

Japan Times

日本高温一天热死3人 千余人中暑送医院


The No Nukes 2012 Concert and the Role of Musicians in the Anti-Nuclear Movement

Japan Focus

Careers of Suzuki and Matsui Are Further Intertwined

New York Times

Last Week's Japan News


In 1962, during the peak of commercial whaling, Japanese consumed 230,000 metric tons of whale meat. In 2001, when scientific permits were issued to hunt some 500 to 600 whales annually, that had dropped to just 1,803 metric tons - out of which 70 metric tons was left unsold.

Source: Independent

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