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Wednesday, July 4, 2012
Tokyo's Harajuku and Omotesando districts merge into each other to form one of Tokyo's hippest areas with a panoply of stores, cafes, restaurants, studios and bars catering to every taste from punk to cosplay to voguish high street.

I went to Barbacoa Grill, the Brazilian churrasco restaurant in Omotesando, with friends for lunch on the weekend. Afterwards a couple of them suggested going to Gossip - a cafe I hadn't heard of till then, but which according to the Gossip Facebook page began on October 10 2010.

Gossip is a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender-friendly cafe in Omotesando (Jingu-mae in terms of actual address), on the second floor, that is spacious, light and airy and is distinguished by being something of a GLBT bookstore as well, with GLBT-related books in Japanese as well as some in English. And, there are pamphlets relating to GLBT affairs and events going on in Tokyo at the door.

The owner, a woman, while a little on the shy side was friendly and welcoming, the prices were a little better than average for Omotesando, especially considering the volume of the beverage you get, and my coffee drinking colleagues assured me that the coffee was great.

We had just eaten so didn't try any of the food, but Gossip serves lunch (midday to 5pm), has a "tea time" (5pm to 7pm), and dinner (5pm to 11pm) as well.

Gossip also stages exhibitions.

 Check out the Gossip website for more information.

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