Fashion Model on the Streets of Tokyo

Sunday, June 17, 2012

You see almost everything on the streets of Tokyo. This vast metropolis of over 13 million people (not counting the satellite cities of Tokyo) is a constant hive of activity of too great a scope and volume to ever completely chronicle.

But it is the glimpses here and there into other lives and worlds that makes Tokyo such a fascinating city. Today's photo is one such moment: a fashion model photo shoot on the streets of Kojimachi in Chiyoda ward, only minutes walk from the moat of the Imperial Palace.

Fashion model on streets of Tokyo.

Kojimachi is on the south side of Shinjuku-dori Avenue just before it finishes at the Imperial Palace. It is mainly small to medium businesses, and a lot of restaurants. This particular building was no doubt chosen because of its paint-on-bare-concrete finish which is somewhat unusual in Japan. The vast majority of buildings in Japan are covered in tiles of some sort.

I only just caught this little slice of Tokyo fashion life. Perhaps it was the fact that I was taking a snap that brought the shoot to an end, but it certainly endowed an otherwise bland part of Tokyo with a moment of glamor.


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