APA Hotel Ekimae Kyoto

Friday, May 25, 2012

The APA Ekimae Hotel is located just to the west of Kyoto Station and across Horikawa Street from the luxury Rihga Royal Hotel.

The business-style APA Ekimae Hotel is also close to its sister hotel, the two-star APA Hotel Kyoto-Eki-Horikawa.

APA Hotel, Kyoto

There are currently 74 APA Hotels in Japan stretching from Hokkaido to Okinawa with APA Hotels in most of Japan's major cities including Tokyo, Nagoya, Niigata and Fukuoka. APA stands for Always Pleasant Amenity, and APA's slogan is "Best for the guest." The APA hotel chain is proactive in trying to attract non-Japanese guests, too, as evidenced by the multilingual APA Hotel website, and, in certain APA hotels, the free-of-charge Tel/Tell Concierge interpreting service using your iPad.

However, Considering that APA actively seeks the custom of Chinese, Korean, and English-speaking guests, it is odd, then, that APA posted a controversial essay on the APA website four years ago by Japanese air force chief, General Toshio Tamogami, claiming Japan was the victim, not the aggressor, in the Pacific War—an essay that led to Tamogami's dismissal.

The CEO of the APA Group, Mr. Seiji Fuji, appears to have very definite political views that he very much wants to air, as evidenced by APA Group political essays by CEO Seiji Fuji that, among other things, warn that "China and Korea will lure Japan’s nuclear power technicians away and export nuclear power plants throughout the entire world," and being Chinese- and Korean-made they will be of "a lower technical standard than Japan's," that they will malfunction, and "Japan would be damaged by the radioactivity that would be spread on the westerlies." (He makes no mention of which nation was responsible for the Fukushima nuclear accident.)

Mr. Fuji should have done a quick Google search before he penned those lines, where he would discover that to date China already has 14 nuclear power plants with 25 more under construction, and that South Korea has  23 reactors. And he ignores the role of the other big player in the international nuclear reactor market, France.

The APA Hotel Ekimae's facilities include internet access in rooms and a restaurant. The APA Hotel is close to Nishi and Higashi Honganji, a short distance to the north and Toji Temple to the south.

The APA Ekimae Hotel
806, Minami Fudodocho
Nishinotoin dori

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