Porta Shopping Mall Kyoto Station

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Porta is the underground shopping mall beneath Kyoto Station with direct access to the station and the Kyoto subway. You can also enter Porta from just outside the station or on the Kyoto Tower side of Shiokoji Dori.

Porta Underground Mall

Porta's store list includes a number of restaurants and cafes as well as retail outlets. Restaurants and cafes include branches of Inoda Coffee and Starbucks and Tagoto, which offers Japanese cuisine, such as set lunches, at a reasonable price. Stores include shops to pick up souvenirs such as folding fans, combs and Kyoto's famous tsukemono (pickles), a nail salon, an eyelash salon, a shaving salon, as well as a number of mainly women's fashion outlets and a Uniqlo.

Porta Underground Mall, Kyoto Station

Porta is a good place to eat if you are spending time in the Kyoto Station area visiting nearby Nishi-Honhanji, Higashi-Honganji Temple or staying in one of the numerous hotels near Kyoto Station. Porta offers free Wi-Fi at "Kyoto-Porta".

Porta Underground Mall, Kyoto

Karasuma Shiokoji-sagaru
Tel: 075 365 7528

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