Museums of Tokyo Japan

Friday, April 27, 2012
The popular city of Tokyo, Japan offers an array of attractions. Being that it is the largest metropolitan area in the world, there are plentiful entertainment venues, recreational activities, and educational attractions. Some of the most popular educational attractions include Tokyo's many museums. It can be a daunting task trying to select a museum to go to, so in this article we will take on the task for you. Yes, there are a vast amount of art and history museums to see but some of the most interesting ones to go to include The Japanese Sword Museum, The National Museum of Emerging Science, The Bridgestone Museum of Art, The Beer Museum Yebisu, and The National Museum of Modern Art.

The Japanese Sword Museum

The people of Japan have been known throughout history as proficient weapon makers. Sword making is an art within itself and requires much skill. The Japanese craftsmanship and dedication to making high grade weaponry excels and The Japanese Sword Museum gives you a glimpse of the art and history of sword making in Japan. This museum features over 400 items within its collection. Some of the weapons date all the way back to the 1300s. The Japanese Sword Museum even includes some of the historical scrolls describing the weapons' attributes and methods. So if you appreciate the art and history of sword making and are interested in Wakizashi, Katana, Tachi and Tanto, the Japanese Sword Museum is definitely the place to go.

The National Museum of Emerging Science

If you're more interested in science, The National Museum of Emerging Science is a great museum to visit. This museum has a unique way of connecting with the visitor with modern scientific wisdom. The National Museum of Emerging Science displays a variety of hands-on real time scientific data. Visitors can use the seismometer to measure ground vibration activity throughout Japan. They can also use the Geo-cosmos globe to see real-time global weather patterns, vegetation cover, and ocean temperatures. The museum features a breath-taking planetarium that exhibits a projection image of nearly 5 million stars. The maglev train model and Asimo the Honda robot are very popular with visitors. These are just the few of the many wonderful attractions within the museum. The National Museum of Emerging Science definitely succeeds at exhibiting high quality, hands on, modern science to its guests.

The Bridgestone Museum of Art

The Bridgestone Museum of Art is the museum to visit if you’re looking for an impressive exhibit of prominent art. The Bridgestone Museum of Art offers over 500 works of art ranging from 19th century impressionist-style art to Japanese western-style paintings. Some of the artists featured within the museum include Pablo Picasso, Chu Asai, Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Saeki Yuzo, and more. This museum also holds a beautiful exhibit of the Ishibashi "stone-bridge" collections. This museum is conveniently only 5 minutes from Tokyo Station and is a staple for any art lover.

The Beer Museum Yebisu

At the Beer Museum Yebisu, you will find a very interesting display of the historic beer-making process. The museum features a self-guided tour with informative history of Yebisu beer uniquely written on the walls in both English and Japanese. The beer is fresh and always on draft. Sit-back in the relaxing atmosphere and enjoy a sample tray of Yebisu beer. Admission is free and beer samples are available for purchase at very affordable rates. Other beverages, food and snacks are also available within the museum.

The National Museum of Modern Art

If you’re looking for one of the most beautiful displays of modern art that Tokyo has to offer, The National Museum of Modern Art is definitely a must-see. This art museum features three floors of exhibits and holds the largest collection of modern Japanese art. The museum gives an opportunity to view western-style, impressionist and post-impressionist style paintings. Some of the Japanese artists hosted at The National Museum of Modern Art include but are not limited to Kishida Ryusei, Yokoyama Taikan, and Kuroda Seki. There are also works displayed by Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, and others. Admission to this museum also includes entry to The Crafts Gallery located nearby. The Crafts Gallery exhibits beautiful ceramics, metalwork, pottery, and more. Both the National Museum of Modern Art and The Crafts Gallery offer a great experience for any art enthusiast.

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