Japan News This Week 22 April 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Japan News.Declining as a Manufacturer, Japan Weighs Reinvention

New York Times

Two women die in Japan bear attack


Tokyo's rightwing governor plans to buy disputed Senkaku Islands


Possible remains of Japanese found: North

Japan Times



Corea del Norte modifica la trayectoria de vuelo del misil para no sobrevolar Japón

El Pais

We Cannot Allow Governor Nakaima to Falsify the History of the Battle of Okinawa

Japan Focus

Japan leads at World Team Trophy figure skating

Yahoo Sports

Last Week's Japan News


The ten tallest buildings in the world are:

1. Burj Khalifa (Dubai), 828 meters
2. Taipei 101 (Taiwan), 508 m
3. Shanghai World Financial Center (China), 492 m
4. International Commerce Centre (Hong Kong), 484 m
5. Petronas Tower I (Malaysia), 452 m
6. Petronas Tower II (Malaysia), 452 m
7. Zifeng Tower (China), 450 m
8. Willis Tower (USA), 442.1 m
9. Kingkey 100 (China), 441.8 m
10. Guangzhou International Finance Centre (China), 439 m

Source: Asahi Shinbun

The two billion women in Asia work for less than their male counterparts - and this is costing Asia $89 billion.

The Asia Society surveyed women's status in health, education, economic activity, and political leadership.

Japan came in last in senior corporate positions, with only five percent of of those held by women.

In pay, also, Japan fared badly. Japanese women earn 60% of what men do.

Source: AP

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