Chikaramachi Catholic Church

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Chikaramachi Catholic Church is an historic church located in Higashi ward in Nagoya. The church was built in 1904 with the priest's residence added in 1930. The bell tower was first built in 1890, demolished in 1965 and rebuilt in its original style in 1990. The bell was made in France and imported.

Chikaramachi Catholic Church, Higashi-ku, Nagoya

The church is constructed in a mix of Eastern and Western architectural styles and set in pleasant grounds. The one-story wooden chapel is finished with white lime plaster.

The first church at this location was built in 1887 on land previously occupied by samurai houses and purchased by French missionaries from the Paris Foreign Mission Society (Société des Missions Étrangères de Paris).

Chikaramachi Catholic Church

A statue in the church of the Virgin Mary appearing at Lourdes was made by a Father Phelan in 1909 from rock from Mt. Fuji.

Chikaramachi Catholic Church

The Chikaramachi Catholic Church is located on Nagoya's "Cultural Path" which runs west-east from Nagoya Castle to Tokugawa Art Gallery and Tokugawa-en. Places to see on the Cultural Path include Nagoya City Hall, the Hori Art Museum, Nagoya City Archives, the Aichi Prefectural Building, the Futaba Museum, the former house of actress Sadayakko Kawakami and industrialist Momosuke Fukuzawa, the Shumokukan, Kenchuji Temple, the former residence of Sasuke Toyoda, the residence of Tetsujiro Haruta and the Nagoya Ceramics Hall.

Chikaramachi Catholic Church
Chikara-machi 3-33
Tel: 052 931 1381
Google map of Chikaramachi Catholic Church


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