A Visitor's Guide To Kochi

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

As ordered by Tokugawa Ieyasu, Yamauchi Kazutoyo built Kochi Castle and resided there with his wife Chiyo.


The 2006 Taiga Drama "Komyo ga Tsuji" showed Ieyasu congratulating himself for sending Kazutoyo, who had once supported Hideyoshi, off to far away Kochi, a long distance from the center of the Tokugawa government in Edo. But I think Kazutoyo and Chiyo were fortunate to live in this lovely part of Japan.

On a Sunday morning in October, we began our day at the Kochi outdoor market. This weekly event is said to have begun over 300 years ago. We were fascinated by the array of fruit, vegetables, fish, and crafts available for sale. We ended up choosing mandarin oranges, locally grown honey, and a purse with an overall cat print.

Our next stop was Kochi Castle, and there was much evidence of Chiyo and Kazutoyo - two statues and a large painting of the couple with the notable horse.

Kochi is very easy to navigate and we were able to walk everywhere. We wanted to find the local Catholic Church and possibly attend the Sunday Mass. We located the parish rectory and tried the door, which to our surprise, opened.

Kochi Shikoku

A priest eating his lunch directed us to the church across the street. If we had just turned around we would have seen it, duh! The Mass began at 3:15 pm and it was attended by nine other people besides Amanda and me. It was the Filipino Community and everyone spoke English. They graciously welcomed us to the service.

I liked the feel of Kochi. It seemed relaxed and the people were friendly. It is a beautiful city and I would definitely visit again. And I just like saying the name: Kochi!

A Visitor's Guide To Kochi, Shikoku

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