Wakamiya Hachiman Shrine

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wakamiya Hachiman Shrine is a tranquil spot in the commercial center of Nagoya near Yaba-cho subway station south of Sakae.

Wakamiya Hachiman Shrine Nagoya

The shrine is situated right behind the trendy F.I.L store.

Hachiman shrines are dedicated to Hachiman the syncretic Shinto/Buddhist god of warriors and the divine protector of the nation.

Wakamiya Hachiman Shrine door Nagoya

Wakamiya Hachiman Shrine's enshrined deities include the largely legendary emperors Nintoku and Ojin.

Tokugawa Ieyasu appointed the shrine as the patron, tutelary shrine of Nagoya in 1610. The shrine's main Wakamiya Festival takes places from May 15-16 every year and it is a popular place for traditional weddings.

Wakamiya Hachiman Shrine

Wakamiya Hachiman Shrine is a common name for Hachiman shrines and they appear across the country.

3-35-30 Sakae
Naka Ward
Tel: 052 241 0810

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