Sogenji Temple Takayama

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sogenji Temple in Takayama in Gifu Prefecture is a pleasant Soto Zen sect temple noted for its large bell.

Sogenji Temple Takayama

The main hall of Sogenji was originally located in what are now the ruins of Takayama Castle and was relocated to become the hondo or main hall of this family temple of Nagachika Kanamori (1524-1608), the man considered the prime mover behind the development of the historic city of Takayama and its tradition of arts and crafts.

The Kanamori clan were the feudal lords of the Hida area until 1692, when the Tokugawa regime took over direct control of the area to exploit its forests and other resources.

Sogenji Temple Bell, Takayama

Tenshojimachi 39
Tel: 0577 32 2519
Hours: 9am-5pm
15 minutes on foot from Takayama Station

Sogenji Temple in snow


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