Nagoya City Archives

Friday, February 17, 2012

Nagoya City Archives not far from Nagoya Castle and Nagoya City Hall is the former Nagoya Court of Appeals. The western-style brick and white granite building is now home to Nagoya's archives and includes an interesting free museum on the history of the building and the city of Nagoya. To reflect the building's previous function as a law court, courtrooms from the time of the Meiji Period and the present day are reproduced using mannequins.

Nagoya City Archives

Nagoya City Archives is on the so-called Cultural Path which runs from Nagoya Castle to Tokugawa Art Gallery and Tokugawa-en. Other places to see on the Cultural Path include Nagoya City Hall, the Aichi Prefectural Building, the Chikaramachi Catholic Church, the Futaba Museum, the former house of actress Sadayakko Kawakami and Momosuke Fukuzawa, the former residence of Sasuke Toyoda, Kenchuji Temple, the residence of Tetsujiro Haruta and the Nagoya Ceramics Hall. The Cultural path runs through an area once inhabited by the rich and powerful of Meiji and Taisho-era Nagoya including the Toyoda family who founded the present Toyota car company, artists and writers.

Nagoya City Archives, Aichi

Nagoya City Archives was built as the Nagoya Court of Appeals during the Taisho-era in 1922 and was used as such until 1979. Now the building is preserved as an "Important Cultural Property." There are a number of interesting panel displays, old photographs of the city and period furniture to see.

Nagoya City Archives


Nagoya City Archives
1-3, Shirakabe
Tel: 052 953 0051

8 minutes walk from Shiyakusho Station on the Meijo Line, take Exit #2 No.2 or 5 minutes from Higashiote Station on the Meitetsu Seto Line. Nagoya City Archives is also on the Nagoya Loop tourist bus route, get off at the City Archives stop.

Hours: 9.00am-5pm; closed Monday


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