Ano Prosim Czech restaurant in Hiroo Tokyo

Wednesday, January 18, 2012
アノプロシィーム チェコ レストラン

Ano Prosim Czech restaurant in Hiroo Tokyo

In Tokyo's pleasant Minami Azabu district, near Hiroo station, is something of a rarity for Tokyo, indeed for Japan: a Czech restaurant, called Ano Prosim (formerly Cafe Ano).

I went to Ano Prosim with a group of friends last Sunday, having made a reservation. First impression: surprise that one of our party, who had arrived first, was standing out in the cold, having found outside the front of the restaurant to be warmer than the welcome he'd found inside. Not a great start.

Ano Prosim Czech restaurant in Hiroo Tokyo

Indeed, on the whole party entering, the "welcome" was decidedly low-key, if there at all. And, what's more, the place was empty! Near Hiroo station, on Sunday lunchtime, and completely empty? Hmm. We were shown the more expensive evening menu, and had to request the lunch menu.

I started with a plate of chicken liver pate, sausage and Camembert cheese: gourmet quality, but there was no bread. We requested it, and they went out to buy some from the local bakery for us, which took about 10 minutes. For mains I had the pork roast, which was a very happy meeting of heartiness and haute cuisine. The bread was good - but having to ask for it, and their not having any on the premises, did seem a little odd.

Ano Prosim Czech restaurant in Hiroo Tokyo

We didn't order drinks for a variety of reasons: non-drinkers, too much last night, etc., but the drinks menu did look good, featuring beers and wines from the Czech Republic and elsewhere.

Ano Prosim Czech restaurant

Ano Prosim Czech restaurant in Hiroo Tokyo

Fortunately we were a party of five: big enough to keep a good vibe going. Perhaps we struck them on a bad day, but it's certainly not the kind of place I'd take a date.

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