Niigata To Sado Island Ferries

Friday, December 16, 2011

From the ferry terminal in Niigata city there are two options to get to Ryotsu on Sado-ga-shima: the quicker, more expensive Jetfoil which takes 65 minutes (traveling at 80kph) or the slower, cheaper car ferry which does the journey in two hours and thirty minutes.

Niigata To Sado Island Ferry
Niigata-Sado-ga-shima Jetfoil

Both boats are operated by Sado Kisen.

Niigata Ferry Terminal is reached by bus from Bay #5 of Niigata Bus Station or take a taxi from outside JR Niigata Station for around 1000 yen, which does the journey in about 20 minutes depending on traffic.

Niigata To Sado Island Ferries
Niigata-Sado-ga-shima Car Ferry

The number of Niigata-Sado sailings is seasonal with more boats in the busier summer months with the last car ferry leaving Ryotsu at 10.40pm in August arriving in Niigata at 1.10am.

The first boat, a car ferry, leaves Niigata at 6am and Ryotsu at 5.30am all year round.

The adult single fare Niigata-Ryotsu on the Jetfoil is presently 6,220 yen with return 11,250 yen.

The adult single fare Niigata-Ryotsu 2nd Class on the car ferry is presently 2,320 yen one way. Return fare is double. The car ferry can accommodate 1,700 passengers; the Jetfoil 260.

Niigata To Sado Ferries
Niigata Ferry Terminal

The ferry terminals in both Niigata and Ryotsu have cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops and the terminal in Ryotsu has a Tourist Information Center (Tel: 0259 27 5000) with brochures in English and other languages. The Niigata Tourist Information Center is just outside Niigata Station.

There are also ferries to Sado from Terodomari in Niigata to Akadomari on Sado and from Naoetsu to Ogi on Sado.

Sado Kisen
Tel: 025 245 1234 (Niigata)
Tel: 0259 27 5111 (Ryotsu)

Niigata is connected to Tokyo Station and Ueno Station by the Joetsu Shinkansen in two hours via the ski and onsen resort of Echigo Yuzawa.


On board the Niigata-Sado Jetfoil

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