Kawahara Castle Tottori

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Japanese castles come in all shapes and sizes including ones constructed in the 20th century such as Kawahara Castle, a replica castle in Kawahara, south of Tottori city, located on Oshiroyama (Castle Mountain).

Kawahara Castle Tottori Prefecture
Kawahara Castle by Jake Davies

Supposedly situated on the site of former castle, Kawahara Castle was built in 1994 and is now a museum showcasing Kawahara Town's local history, culture, and flora and fauna with dioramas and interactive exhibits that are fun for kids. There are good vistas of Tottori Sand Dunes, Tottori Prefecture's most famous sight and the surrounding Chugoku mountains on a fine day.

Kawahara Castle is surrounded by a plum park with over 1,000 plum trees which flower usually in February or March.

Kawahara Castle
1011 Tanihitotsugi
Tel: 0858 85 0046
Hours: Closed Monday; 9am-5pm open later in summer
Admission: Free

From JR Tottori Station buses to Chizo reach Kawahara in half an hour. Kawahara Castle is then a further 15 minute walk up the hill.
Kawahara Castle map

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