Disney Store in Shibuya

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tokyo has ten Disney Stores, six of them in Tokyo proper (i.e., the 23 wards.)

Disney Store in Shibuya, Tokyo

Nearly all of the Disney Stores in Tokyo are inside department stores or shopping centers. Sure, they have fun, brightly colored entrances, but they blend in to some degree with the dozens of surrounding stores on the same floor.

There is only one Disney Store in Tokyo that has a streetfront entrance: the Shibuya Koen Dori Disney Store. There is something so much more magical about stepping into a Disney Store from the pavement than just gliding in off a shopping mall aisle.

Shibuya Koen Dori Disney Store is in Shibuya, which is Tokyo's most glam youth fashion district. Harajuku shopping might have a streetier edge, Daikanyama shopping might have a more thinking take on fashion, Ginza shopping might be higher class, but Shibuya shopping is the brashest, most glamorous and in your Dior shaded face.

And, true to being in Shibuya, the Shibuya Disney Store has an entrance made in, er, Disneyland (read "heaven" for Disney's millions of Japanese devotees). This is the quinkiest, quirtiest, queutiest little storefront you're going to see anywhere, with its bulging, bouncing curves and contours, and its constantly changing theme: Christmas at the moment, as in the photo above.

And inside is a mind-boggling array of Disney goods - always new and different - that keep the Disneyites coming back for more, more, more of the newly tweaked same.

If you're in Tokyo, the Shibuya Koen Dori Disney Store is the Disney Store to visit!

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